About well said

Quote Of The Week: “And now let us believe in a long year that is given to us, new, untouched, and full of things that have never been.

-Rainier Maria Rilke

I love a good quote! The wit and wisdom said in an eloquent way that expresses our shared humanity. That someone knew what you were feeling, thinking, and said it in such a profound way that goes right to your soul or funny bone. That is the beauty of something well said.

Here, on these pages, I aspire to share with you all types of quotes and then express what they inspire in me. What truth in them speaks to me, gets to my soul. Whether they be from famous people or speeches, songs, poetry, great works of fiction, or just plain old folklore or modern culture, something well said always rings true and resonates. It’s that knowing, that remembering.

I hope you enjoy the growing collection and find your own truth and inspiration from them.

xo, maeve


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